Trips around the area, cycling, sport climbing

Ideal for cycling, hiking, excursions, relaxing and sightseeing.

In the near village of Hrastovlje you can admire the world renown frescoes, in Podpec are the famous tower and natural caves. In Crni kal you can visit the oldest house in Slovenia (1489) and a few minutes away is possible to relive all the magic and romance of the castle Socerb from 11th century.

For lovers of climbing in Osp and Crni kal, a few kilometers away from the appartments, is one of the most beautiful natural walls in Europe. You can also choose climbing on the Croatian side in Buzet, which is away from the apartments almost 18 km. You have to cross the Slovenian-Croatian border near Rakitovec.

For lovers of summer tourism, the Slovenian coast of the apartments located only 17km.